The Challenges of Managing a Transnational Education Partnership



This chapter reflects on more than a decade of experiences associated with how transnational education is managed across the UK higher education sector. It highlights what should be done, both in terms of QAA expectations and an institution’s need to deliver a high-quality experience to their students, wherever those students may be located in the world. These expectations and requirements are contrasted with the realities of the situation based on observations made over many years in numerous partnership locations and also derived from conversations with a large number of TNE practitioners, during that period, both UK-based and colleagues working for TNE partners overseas. The chapter focusses on the three key phases of a partnership life cycle: set-up, ongoing management and termination with the conclusion that insufficient emphasis is placed on the ongoing management despite this being the longest (hopefully) and most productive phase.


Transnational education Quality assurance International partnerships Due diligence 


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