Barriers to Construction Procurement Change in Higher Education Institutions

  • Xebiso KamudyariwaEmail author
  • David Root
Conference paper


This research looked at the barriers Higher Education Institutions face in changing their procurement practices. Since the South African Construction Industry tends to be laggard in terms of any change, the research assumed that barriers to procurement change would be linked to the barriers faced in the adoption of I4.0. These barriers would help determine the preparedness for I4.0 adoption. Qualitative research using semi-structured interviews was conducted with senior management in Facilities Management Departments in HEIs. Using thematic analysis, findings suggest that the identified barriers to I4.0 preparedness include lack of management buy in, slow pace of change, big data and human capital. It was concluded that a best value approach is a necessary prerequisite to any possible changes. A more proactive approach to change and a willingness to put learning and effort into understanding what change means/entails will result in a smoother change process for HEIs.


Higher Education Institutions Collaboration Procurement Culture Technology 


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  1. 1.School of Construction Economics and ManagementUniversity of the WitwatersrandBraamfonteinSouth Africa

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