Design of a Graphical User Interface for the Structural Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators with Single Platform

  • Mertcan KoçakEmail author
  • Fatih Cemal Can
  • Erkin Gezgin
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11659)


Structural synthesis of parallel manipulators is the first step of design process when new parallel manipulators are needed to be designed. Structural synthesis can be obtained by using structural synthesis formulations. Furthermore, structural synthesis of parallel manipulators can be quickly solved by computer programs. These type of programs are referred as “Automatic Sketching of Mechanism and Manipulators”. In this paper, a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) is presented to obtain structural synthesis of parallel manipulators. Two distinct mobility formulations are used to calculate joints on the limbs of parallel manipulators. Apart from other automatic sketching of mechanisms and manipulators, variable general constrained loops were used for the first time in this study. Manipulators with single platform are used in the example designs for the first program runs. After the total number of joints are calculated by the program and they can be placed manually or automatically. This makes proposed program to be user friendly and easy to use. Algorithm can be extended for the design of multi-platform parallel manipulators.


Structural synthesis Automatic sketching Parallel manipulators Computer aided design 


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  • Mertcan Koçak
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  • Fatih Cemal Can
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  • Erkin Gezgin
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