Primary Tooth Crown and Root Fractures

  • Rebecca L. Slayton
  • Elizabeth A. Palmer


In the primary dentition, luxation injuries are more common than crown or root fractures because the surrounding bone is less dense. Fractures of enamel are not uncommon but may not be reported as frequently as they occur. At very young ages, many children have not yet established a dental home and a minor dental injury may not be considered serious enough to seek care. Primary tooth fractures that involve enamel and dentin or that cause a pulp exposure are relatively infrequent but do usually result in the child being seen in a dental office or emergency room. This chapter focuses on fractures in the primary dentition and discusses treatment, prognosis, and sequelae as well as the behavior guidance techniques that allow safe treatment of the child.


Dental trauma Pediatric Tooth fracture Primary tooth Pulp necrosis Pulpotomy Trauma guidelines Behavior management 


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