Immunocytochemistry and Immunohistochemistry on Liquid-Based Preparations of Thyroid FNA

  • Megha Joshi
  • Sumita Gokhale
  • Rana S. HodaEmail author


  • Immunocytohistochemistry/immunohistochemistry (ICC/IHC) has become an indispensable tool in the practice of surgical pathology and cytology. In our daily clinical practice, most specimens from thyroid fine needle aspiration (FNA) and liquid-based preparations (LBP) are diagnosed without the routine use of immunostain, but IHC can be used judiciously on the corresponding cell block in certain situations to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Scraping of thick Diff-Quik (DQ)–stained smears into the CytoLyt/CytoRich Red (collection media for ThinPrep [TP] and SurePath [SP] respectively) at the time of rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) to prepare the cell block can further enhance the yield, and multiple immunostains can be performed on the cell block if needed.


Immunocytochemistry Immunohistochemistry LBP Thyroid FNA CK19 HBME1 Galectin-3 Chromogranin Synaptophysin Papillary thyroid carcinoma Medullary thyroid carcinoma Lymphoma Anaplastic carcinoma Poorly differentiated carcinoma BRAF antibody 

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