Orthoptic Assessment of a Patient with Strabismus



Orthoptic assessment of strabismus consists of tests to measure the angle of deviation, the range of ocular motility, assessment of the binocular status and sensory and motor adaptation to strabismus. Stereopsis is the highest level of binocularity and is particularly important to assess. This chapter describes the common tests used; the instrumentation required and how best to interpret them.


Strabismus Synoptophore Stereopsis Diplopia Normal retinal correspondence Motility 

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Video 5.1

A 23 year old man with a left myopic esotropia, seen in primary position and confirmed by an initial cover test. Base out prisms of increasing power are placed in front of the left eye to neutralise the deviation and at the end, the only residual movement is a small hypertropia. As he is a high myope, the cover test is carried out with his glasses on which enables better fixation and true measurement of degree of deviation (MOV 149096 kb)

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