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Approximating Robust Bin Packing with Budgeted Uncertainty

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNTCS,volume 11646)


We consider robust variants of the bin-packing problem where the sizes of the items can take any value in a given uncertainty set \(U\subseteq \times _{i=1}^n[\overline{a}_i,\overline{a}_i+\hat{a}_i]\), where \(\overline{a}\in [0,1]^n\) represents the nominal sizes of the items and \(\hat{a}\in [0,1]^n\) their possible deviations. We consider more specifically two uncertainty sets previously studied in the literature. The first set, denoted \(U^\varGamma \), contains scenarios in which at most \(\varGamma \in \mathbb {N}\) items deviate, each of them reaching its peak value \(\overline{a}_i+\hat{a}_i\), while each other item has its nominal value \(\overline{a}_i\). The second set, denoted \(U^\varOmega \), bounds by \(\varOmega \in [0,1]\) the total amount of deviation in each scenario. We show that a variant of the next-fit algorithm provides a 2-approximation for model \(U^\varOmega \), and a \(2(\varGamma +1)\) approximation for model \(U^\varGamma \) (which can be improved to 2 approximation for \(\varGamma =1\)). This motivates the question of the existence of a constant ratio approximation algorithm for the \(U^\varGamma \) model. Our main result is to answer positively to this question by providing a 4.5 approximation for \(U^\varGamma \) model based on dynamic programming.


  • Bin-packing
  • Robust optimization
  • Approximation algorithm
  • Next-fit
  • Dynamic programming

This research has benefited from the support of the ANR project ROBUST [ANR-16-CE40-0018].

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  1. 1.

    \(U^\varGamma \) is often defined alternatively in the literature, as the polytope \(\{a\in \times _{i\in [n]} [\bar{a}_i, \bar{a}_i + \hat{a}_i]\mid \sum _{i\in [n]}(a_i -\bar{a}_i)/\hat{a}_i \le \varGamma \}\). For the bin-packing problem, one readily verifies using classical arguments that the two definitions lead to the same optimization problem.

  2. 2.

    In general, if we have a polynomial time additive approximation algorithm using \(OPT + f(OPT)\) bins and polynomial time \(\rho \)-approximation algorithm for \(\varGamma \textsc {RBP}\) with small values then our algorithm uses \(OPT(\rho + 1) + f(OPT)\) bins for \(\varGamma \textsc {RBP}\) in polynomial time.


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