Beyond the Hype: Internet of Things Concepts, Security and Privacy Concerns

  • Amit Kumar TyagiEmail author
  • G. Rekha
  • N. Sreenath
Conference paper
Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 3)


Today’s Internet of Things (IoTs) has occupied maximum fields/areas where they are working a tremendous works, i.e., providing better life experience to human beings. For example, in e-healthcare, IoT devices are providing a lot of data to doctor, also helping doctors to identify certified medicine or discusses or helping doctors to remember various certain activities of a patients, etc. Similarly, chatting applications (online social networking) have made communication easier among human beings. IoTs are with everything (applications) in this physical world and they are connected on a large scale and integrated securely through Internet infrastructure. But, are we satisfied with this security (security in IoTs)? On another side, these devices (IoTs) or applications are collecting a data from your every movement/tracking your (humans) movement. This data is stored as large data (called big data) and used or sold to third parties (like organization) to make profit for them (via analytics process). These devices have an issue of leaking your movement or person to unknown users, which is a serious issue. This work (or article) will discuss some facts like about IoTs, which may protect people or provide awareness to people or protect them when they are visiting any website/browsing or coming online (for working something or making a communication).


Internet of Things Security Privacy Big data Privacy in virtual world 


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