¡Sin maricones no hay revoluciones! (Without Queering, There’s No Revolutioneering!): Mexico’s Queer Subversions of Public Space and the Decolonization of Marriage Heteronormativity

Part of the New Approaches to Religion and Power book series (NARP)


This chapter proposes that in order to construct a public space that favors egalitarian marriage, and is inclusive of the voices of critical theologies (i.e. theologies that promote the dignity of all individuals and respectful conviviality), it will be necessary to imagine a queer political theology of public space. If at first glance we understand that the word queer, of doubtful origin, means “strange,” “odd” and/or “twisted,” then what this chapter proposes is to question or “twist” the merely secular and dichotomous notion of public space. After all, public space, as we have intimated, is in no way deprived of religious components, always inclusive of a multiplicity of voices. However, instead of using a merely secular position as a lens to guide my thoughts, this chapter would prefer a postsecular theological perspective in which religion is not excluded from public space, but rather collaborates and supports the construction of a public space that twists, criticizes and opposes all practices of discrimination as well as violence against sexual diversity. In other words, the proposal is to use a queer and decolonizing theological perspective to subvert public space. This will enable the construction of a public sphere policy based on positions and practices that protect and ensure individual rights and promote respect for people’s dignity, equity and diversity.

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