Real Time Analysis of Weather Parameters and Smart Agriculture Using IoT

  • George SuciuJr.Email author
  • Hussain Ijaz
  • Ionel Zatreanu
  • Ana-Maria Drăgulinescu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering book series (LNICST, volume 283)


Modern day agriculture and civilization demand for increased production of food to feed fast increasing global population. New technologies and solutions are being adopted in agricultural sector to provide an optimal alternative to gather and process information while enhancing net productivity. At the same time, the alarming climate changes, increasing water crisis and natural disasters demand for an agricultural modernization with state-of-the-art technologies available in the market and improved methodologies for modern era agricultural and farming domains. Internet of things (IoT) has been broadly applied to every sector of agriculture and has become the most effective means & tools for booming agricultural productivity and for making use of full agricultural resources. The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) has shown a new way of innovative research in agricultural sector. The introduction of cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) into agricultural modernization will perhaps solve many issues. Based on significant characteristics of key techniques of IoT, visualization, Libelium and Adcon can build up data regarding agricultural production. It can accelerate fast development of agricultural modernization, integrate smart farming and efficiently solve the issues regarding agriculture. Our motive is to perform the research that would bring new solutions for the farmers to determine the most effective ways to manage and monitor the agricultural fields constantly.


Libelium Adcon Sensors Smart agriculture Environmental sensors Precision farming Crop monitoring 



The work presented in this paper has been funded by SWAM and the SmartAgro project subsidiary contract no. 8592/08.05.2018, from the NETIO project ID: P_40_270, MySmis Code: 105976 and was supported by UEFISCDI through contract no. 33PCCDI/01.03.2018 within PNCDI III, Platform of multi-agent intelligent systems for water quality monitoring on Romanian sector of Danube and Danube Delta (MultiMonD2).


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  • Hussain Ijaz
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  • Ionel Zatreanu
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  • Ana-Maria Drăgulinescu
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  2. 2.Beia Consult InternationalBucharestRomania

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