The French Reception of Vattel’s Droit des gens: Politics and Publishing Strategies

  • Antonella AlimentoEmail author


This chapter analyses the reception of Le droit des gens by Emer de Vattel in France. She provides an examination of the correspondence exchanged in 1757 and 1758 between Vattel and the director of the Librairie, Malesherbes, as well as a contextual analysis of references to the work contained in some French diplomatic papers written at the time of the Seven Years’ War. These sources attest to the fact that Le droit des gens enjoyed the considerable favour of the dominant minister of the period, Choiseul, and that it was also well received by the members of the circle of Vincent de Gournay, which elaborated a geopolitical strategy that had much in common with the vision for economic development and interstate relations set out by Vattel.

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