Reflections on the Post-War Period

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Debates about causes of homelessness have provided a continuous backdrop to the development of post-war policies, with several measures having been based quite specifically on beliefs that homeless people are to blame for their situation, while measures to tackle structural factors have made less specific links. Homeless families have, in recent decades, often been seen as more deserving of assistance than single homeless people. However, responses are also affected by the level of demand for social housing, which varies substantially been geographical areas and is a key factor affecting variations in local authority practice. Policies at national and local level have been influenced by the form of prevention favoured by policy makers: the focus has changed from the primary prevention measure of housebuilding to tertiary measures for those who are already homeless and then to secondary prevention targeted at those who are at risk.


Causes of homelessness Homeless families Single homeless people Social rented housing Central government Local government 

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