Functors Among Categories of L-fuzzy Partitions, L-fuzzy Pretopological Spaces and L-fuzzy Closure Spaces

  • Jiří MočkořEmail author
  • Irina Perfilieva
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1000)


In the present work we consider several categories with a weaker structure than that of an L-valued topology, namely the categories of Čech L-fuzzy interior spaces, Čech L-fuzzy closure spaces, categories of L-fuzzy pretopological spaces and L-fuzzy co-pretopological spaces, the category of reflexive L-fuzzy relations and, finally, the category of spaces with L-fuzzy partitions. We connect all these categories and some of their subcategories using commutative diagrams of functors.



This research was partially supported by the project 18-06915S provided by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.


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  1. 1.IRAFMUniversity of OstravaOstrava 1Czech Republic

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