Management of Quality and Inspection

  • Prasunjit Sengupta


To adopt scientific quality control method of the refractories, procured for, especially a new project, where large quantity of Refractories are procured, is very important to the success of the project. The quality management is a very important part of the total project management. The quality management at different stages of a new project is discussed at length. The different methods of quality control, through inspection by attributes and inspection by variables, are discussed in details. The details of the sampling procedure are discussed at length. The significance of accepted quality level, suppliers’ risk, and consumers’ risk are discussed. Sampling and inspection plan of both shaped and unshaped refractories are discussed here. The inspection and monitoring method of quality of installation of refractories are also discussed.


Inspection Quality control Quality management Sampling plan Inspection by attributes Inspection by variables AQL Producer’s risk Consumer’s risk 


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