Random Hyper-parameter Search-Based Deep Neural Network for Power Consumption Forecasting

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In this paper, we introduce a deep learning approach, based on feed-forward neural networks, for big data time series forecasting with arbitrary prediction horizons. We firstly propose a random search to tune the multiple hyper-parameters involved in the method performance. There is a twofold objective for this search: firstly, to improve the forecasts and, secondly, to decrease the learning time. Next, we propose a procedure based on moving averages to smooth the predictions obtained by the different models considered for each value of the prediction horizon. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation using a real-world dataset composed of electricity consumption in Spain, evaluating accuracy and comparing the performance of the proposed deep learning with a grid search and a random search without applying smoothing. Reported results show that a random search produces competitive accuracy results generating a smaller number of models, and the smoothing process reduces the forecasting error.


Hyperparameters Time series forecasting Deep learning 



The authors would like to thank the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the support under the project TIN2017-88209-C2-1-R.


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