One Dimensional Fourier Transform on Deep Learning for Industrial Welding Quality Control

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This paper presents a method for industrial welding quality control. It focuses on the detection of Lack of Fusions (LoF) in joined parts produced in a rotational welding process. The solutions are based on the LeNet and AlexNet networks that are extended with previous convolutional layers based on 1D-pDFT (1D Polar Discrete Fourier Transform) and Gabor filters. The new layers add to the network the ability to deal with the images by means of knowledge arising from the physical process. In this paper a detailed description of the optical setup and the procedure to obtain defectives samples is also given.


1D Polar Discrete Fourier Transform Deep learning AlexNet Gabor filter Industrial application Quality control 



This work has been funded by the project KK-2018/00104 (Departamento de Desarrollo Económico e Infraestructuras del Gobierno Vasco, Programa ELKARTEK-Convovatoria 2018).


AM, JADB and RM developed the image analysis software and contributed mainly in the writing of the paper. XAV, MM and AGDY developed the inspection system (optics, lighting and automation). AM and JADB made the manual curation for classification by visual inspection of captured images.


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