Risk Assessment of Compressor Gold Mining at Camarines Norte, Philippines

  • Isachar BernaldezEmail author
  • Virginia Soriano
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There is a growing concern on mining related safety and health issues and disabling accidents especially in areas still practicing compressor mining even if the law does not allow this type of mining activity. In areas where small-scale mining entities practice unregulated compressor mining, there is insufficient data on the number of deaths and accidents that occurred mainly attributed to under reporting. Compressor mining requires a diver staying inside the hole for at least four hours and depends only on a compressor for his supply of oxygen. The harvested mud with gold ores goes through sluicing and use of mercury to obtain gold. Findings from the assessment showed that the miners do not follow safety measures in mining. Likewise, miners lack the motivation to comply with safety standards mainly due to financial challenges as well as their attitude. The Government plays an important role in providing interventions needed to address these concerns.


Compressor mining Safety management and human factors Small Scale Mining Safety Risk assessment 



The authors acknowledge the support provided by the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) program of the Department of Science and Technology and spearheaded by the UP College of Engineering. The data requirements gathered for this study was made possible through the ERDT Mineral Extraction with Responsibility and Sustainability (MINERS) Program, Project G, entitled: “The Gold and Copper Chase (Life Cycle Analysis of Sustainable Small-Scale Production Systems)”.


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