Energy Efficient Cloud Data Center Using Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation Algorithm

  • Cheikhou Thiam
  • Fatoumata ThiamEmail author
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In Cloud Data centers, virtual machine consolidation on minimizing energy consumed aims at reducing the number of active physical servers. Dynamic consolidation of virtual machines (VMs) and switching idle nodes off allow Cloud providers to optimize resource usage and reduce energy consumption. One aspect of dynamic VM consolidation that directly influences Quality of Service (QoS) delivered by the system is to determine the best moment to reallocate VMs from an overloaded or undeloaded host. In this article we focus on energy-efficiency of Cloud datacenter using Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation Algorithms by planetLab workload traces, which consists of a thousand PlanetLab VMs with large-scale simulation environments. Experiments are done in a simulated cloud environment by the CloudSim simulation tool. The obtained results show that consolidation reduces the number of migrations and the power consumption of the servers. Also application performances are improved.


Cloud Consolidation Energy Scheduling Virtualization 


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  2. 2.Université Gaston BergerSaint-LouisSenegal

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