Resonant Tunneling Transport in Polar III-Nitride Heterostructures

  • Jimy Encomendero
  • Debdeep Jena
  • Huili Grace XingEmail author


During the last two decades, a considerable effort has been dedicated to engineer resonant tunneling transport within the family of III-Nitride semiconductors. At the heart of this initiative, lies the outstanding material properties that this revolutionary family of semiconductors offers for manufacturing high-power ultra-fast oscillators and terahertz quantum cascade lasers that operate at room temperature. Despite these efforts, it is only recently that room temperature resonant tunneling transport has been demonstrated within III-Nitride materials.

In this chapter we discuss various aspects of heterostructure design, epitaxial growth and device fabrication, which have led to the first unequivocal demonstration of robust resonant tunneling transport, and reliable room temperature negative differential conductance resulting in the generation of GHz oscillations in III-Nitride semiconductors. These advances allowed us to shed light into the physics of resonant tunneling transport in polar semiconductors which had remained hidden until now. This insight was obtained using a combined experimental and theoretical approach, leading to the discovery of new tunneling features, unique in polar RTDs. After identifying the intimate connection between the polarization fields and the resonant tunneling current, we harness this relationship by introducing a completely new approach to measure the magnitude of these internal polarization fields. Moreover, precise epitaxial growth at the single-monolayer level is employed to engineer resonant tunneling currents >200 kA/cm2 and demonstrate the first microwave oscillator driven by a GaN/AlN resonant tunneling diode.

The findings presented in this chapter pave the way for the realization of III-Nitride-based high-speed oscillators and quantum cascade lasers that operate at wavelengths that remain unreachable by other semiconductor materials.


Resonant tunneling Resonant tunneling diode Polar resonant tunneling diode Polarization fields Negative differential conductance Oscillator Resonant tunneling diode oscillator Molecular beam epitaxy RHEED Oscillations Resonant Tunneling Model Analytical tunneling current Peak voltage Resonant voltage Resonant current Peak current Polarization-induced Threshold voltage X-ray diffraction TEM image Spectral power density RTD Design Space Oscillation frequency Cryogenic Resonant lineshape 


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