Plasma-Wave Propagation in GaN and Its Applications

  • Hugo O. Condori Quispe
  • Berardi Sensale-RodriguezEmail author
  • Patrick FayEmail author


Electron plasma waves are oscillations of electron density in space and time. They have attracted significant attention for the development of terahertz detectors and sources. Electron plasma waves are generated when electrons in the channel of a transistor are not able to follow high-frequency oscillations and lag behind. This introduces a delay or phase shift manifested as an inductive behavior, the so-called kinetic inductance. This electron inertia is essential for the propagation of 2D plasmonic waves. In this chapter, we discuss the physical origin of these plasma waves and describe the latest experimental results reported in GaN-based devices. In addition, we outline the prospective applications in the context of a terahertz power amplifiers. We conclude with an outlook of the future directions in this emerging field.


Terahertz radiation Microwaves Plasmons Gallium nitride Resonant tunneling High-electron-mobility transistor Two dimensional electron gas High mobility Detection Amplification Electromagnetic coupling Distributed model Hydrodynamic modelling Terahertz time domain spectroscopy Absorption spectroscopy 


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