Linearity Aspects of High Power Amplification in GaN Transistors

  • Samuel James Bader
  • Keisuke ShinoharaEmail author
  • Alyosha Molnar


Linearity (and its absence) is a major design constraint in practical high-frequency communication circuits, impacting both transmitter and receiver circuits. This chapter will introduce the general features of non-linearity and how it impacts circuit design, then dive into the origins of non-linearity in GaN devices specifically, detailing how it is modelled in the literature, and conclude with a discussion of designs at both the device level and circuit level which can help linearize systems based on GaN PAs.


Velocity saturation Trapping Self-heating Large-signal modelling Compact modelling Gate capacitance gm linearity Polarization-induced channel engineering gm superposition n+GaN source ledge Regrown n+GaN ohmic contact Fin-shaped field effect transistor Buried dual gate field effect transistor Super-lattice castellated field effect transistor Field plate Feedback linearization Counter-distortion Pre-distortion 


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