Optimal Use of EMI Gaskets

  • George M. Kunkel


A shielding effectiveness curve is illustrated that can be used (when Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) gaskets are not used) to predict a level of shielding as a function of screw spacing and the wavelength of any frequency of interest. The test requirements for a design engineer to properly select an EMI gasket for a specific application are listed. These include (1) the conductivity of the gasket against any of the materials and finishes used by industry; (2) the level of shielding as a function of the force of a gasket against the faying surfaces of a system as applied to the materials and finishes used by industry; and (3) the effect moisture and salt fog environments have on the shielding of the gasket against the various surfaces and finishes used by industry.


Shielding effectiveness Wave length EMI gasket Gasketed seam Moisture effects Salt fog effects Shielding theory Shielding practice Displacement current Current density Shielding gaskets Shielded gaskets 


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