PET/CT with Standard Non-FDG Tracers in Multiple Myeloma

  • Cristina NanniEmail author

Abstract and Aims

Beside FDG, there is an emerging role of non-FDG tracers for the evaluation of Multiple Myeloma at onset. This because it was proved that there may be a quote of low metabolic myelomas that may present a low FDG uptake, possibly resulting in an underestimation of the number of focal lesions.

This chapter aims to:
  • Discuss the causes of false negativity at FDG

  • Discuss the contribution of 11C-Methionine in Multiple Myeloma

  • Discuss the contribution of 11C-18F-Choline in Multiple Myeloma


Multiple myeloma Non-FDG tracers 11C-Choline 18F-Choline 11C-Methionine Functional imaging 


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