The Evolution of Electronic Education in English Language in Russian Higher Education Institutions

  • E. PonomarenkoEmail author
  • A. Oganesyan
  • V. Teslenko
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 139)


Modern technologies are creating new opportunities for higher education and life-long learning. Electronic education changes the landscape of higher education: institutions around the world have to respond to the growing demand for digital learning in both formal and non-formal education. Online universities have already appeared worldwide, the online university model is noted as one of five models in the project on the export of Russian education.

Russian online education is developing not so long ago - since 2013. The Russian government has adopted a number of projects aimed at the development of online education, especially in higher education, including the project “Development of the export potential of the Russian education system” (2017), aimed to expand digital education market and export of Russian educational programs at the international level.

The authors studied the data from Russian universities that had launched online courses in foreign languages, developed criteria for assessing these educational products, the success of their implementation, as well as the main strategies for promoting online courses in foreign languages. In this article infrastructure, regulatory, information, organizational and marketing tools are used.


Online education Electronic education Export of Russian education 


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