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Georgia is located in the mountainous Caucasus Region and washed in the west by the Black Sea. Its geographical position and versatile natural conditions determine diverse soil landscape and wide range of soil spectrum. Despite a relatively small territory, there are different types of soils (from the marshy lands to the semidesert soils), as well as their altitudinal distribution is very diverse (from the sea level to the high mountains). Based on the National classifications, soil cover includes such main types as mountain-meadow, mountain-forest-meadow, mountain chernozems, brown-forest, raw-humus-calcareous, cinnamonic and meadow cinnamonic, gray-cinnamonic and meadow gray cinnamonic, vertisols, salt, solonetz, red, yellow, subtropical podzolic and gley-podzolic, bog, alluvial soils, etc.


Pedosphere Mirror of landscape Memory of landscape Soil types Soil diversity Georgia 

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