Multi Roller Cyclo Reducing Gear

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On the basis of the patents of one of the authors, constructions of a range of multi roller cyclo reducing gear have been developed, having the advantage of achieving a high gear ratio of one stage. The main element of the cyclic gearbox is a generator delivering a translational movement created by input eccentric shaft rollers. The transmission of the torque from the generator is accomplished by engaging a large number of rollers in a ring gear to redistribute the load of the cyclo reducing gear. It is compact, with small dimensions. In the elaboration, dependencies are derived for determination of the transmission ratio and the geometric dimensions of the elements of the cyclo reducing gear.


Multi roller cyclo drive 


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  1. 1.ET “Ingeborg Demirova”GabrovoBulgaria
  2. 2.TU GabrovoGabrovoBulgaria
  3. 3.“Podem Gabrovo” Ltd.GabrovoBulgaria

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