Simulation Centrifugal Casting of the Heat Resistant Austenitic Steel HK 30 Modified by Niobium

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Simulation casting of has become a powerful tool to visualize mould filling, solidification and cooling, and to predict the location of internal defects such as shrinkage porosity, sand inclusions and cold shuts. It can be used for existing castings, and for developing new castings. This process in casting technology is an innovative casting process simulation tool that basically simulates mold filling and solidification, and provides the possibility of simulating casting production. The simulation process in any case reduces production cost and optimizes the technological process of casting. It’s possible simulate most commercial casting methods, as well as the process of centrifugal casting of heat resistant steel and alloys. Simulations visualize the consequences of a specific design of gating systems and moulds. Optimising the design of the gating and venting system can be avoided casting defect, such as oxide inclusions due to excessive turbulence, cold-shuts, shrinkage and porosity.

In this paper presents the application of the 3D CAD model in technology centrifugal casting tube of HK 30 Nb steel.


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  1. 1.TTU energetik d.o.o.TuzlaBosnia and Herzegovina
  2. 2.University of ZenicaZenicaBosnia and Herzegovina
  3. 3.Novacast Systems ABRonnebySweden

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