Protein Import into Hydrogenosomes and Mitosomes

  • Pavel DolezalEmail author
  • Abhijith Makki
  • Sabrina D. Dyall
Part of the Microbiology Monographs book series (MICROMONO, volume 9)


In the past decade, studies on protein targeting to hydrogenosomes and mitosomes have revealed several characteristics in common with mitochondrial protein targeting. Proteins from one system can readily be imported into another, strongly suggesting that targeting signals on hydrogenosomal, mitosomal and mitochondrial preproteins are conserved. By extension, these observations, together with the proposed common origin of hydrogenosomes, mitosomes and mitochondria, led to the proposition that components of the respective protein import machineries for these organelles are conserved. With the advent of complete genome sequence databases for diverse eukaryotes, we are now in a better position to examine this proposition. In this review, we report and integrate the latest experimental and bioinformatics data on the state of protein import in hydrogenosomes, mitosomes and mitochondria.


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