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  • Igor Girka
  • Manfred Thumm
Part of the Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics book series (SSAOPP, volume 107)


This book describes the results of research on eigenmodes of electron cyclotron waves propagating just in the peripheral area of bounded plasmas. Therefore, this peculiarity distinguishes this monograph from the long-published basic books that were devoted to description of properties of bulk cyclotron waves propagating in unbounded plasmas. Most of the properties of surface and bulk waves are different. Since in various modern industrial plasma technologies just a bounded plasma is produced, very often the conditions just for surface wave propagation are present. The properties of surface waves depend in different ways on the type of interfaces on which they propagate. Since the frequencies of electromagnetic waves studied in the present monograph belong to the range of harmonics of the electron cyclotron frequency, magnitudes of an external static magnetic field are considered here as finite. Electron-beam excitation and parametric excitation of surface electron cyclotron waves by external radio frequency fields are investigated. The results of these studies for three different types of wave polarization are presented. In addition, this book provides basic information about the characteristics of electrodynamic models of gas discharges sustained by surface electron cyclotron waves.


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