Deep Tree Transductions - A Short Survey

  • Davide BacciuEmail author
  • Antonio Bruno
Conference paper
Part of the Proceedings of the International Neural Networks Society book series (INNS, volume 1)


The paper surveys recent extensions of the Long-Short Term Memory networks to handle tree structures from the perspective of learning non-trivial forms of isomorph structured transductions. It provides a discussion of modern TreeLSTM models, showing the effect of the bias induced by the direction of tree processing. An empirical analysis is performed on real-world benchmarks, highlighting how there is no single model adequate to effectively approach all transduction problems.


Structured-data processing Tree transduction TreeLSTM 



This work has been supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research (MIUR) under project SIR 2014 LIST-IT (grant no. RBSI14STDE).


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