Some Specific Examples of Attacks on Information Systems and Smart Cities Applications

  • Muzafer SaračevićEmail author
  • Aybeyan Selimi
  • Šemsudin Plojović
Part of the Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications book series (ASTSA)


In this chapter, are enlisted some specific examples of attacks in information systems and smart cities applications. The chapter consists of five parts. In the first and second part, the basic introductory considerations and some of our previous research in the field of security of information systems and security management in the cyberspace are listed. In the third part, are given specific examples of XSS and CSRF attacks. In addition, is given a specific implementation of the executive script, which has a task for the collection of confidential information in smart environments. In the fourth part, is listed the procedure for attacking hash digest data as well as the procedure for hiding information using the Python programming language and the Kali Linux environment. Finally, lists the final considerations and gives suggestions for further research in the field of cybersecurity attacks on smart cities.


Cybersecurity Attacks on information Smart cities applications Authentication Hiding information XSS/CSRF attacks 


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  • Muzafer Saračević
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    Email author
  • Aybeyan Selimi
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  • Šemsudin Plojović
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  1. 1.Department of Computer SciencesUniversity of Novi PazarNovi PazarSerbia
  2. 2.Department of Computer SciencesInternational Vision UniversityGostivarMacedonia
  3. 3.Department of Economic SciencesUniversity of Novi PazarNovi PazarSerbia

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