A Group Recommender System for Academic Venue Personalization

  • Abir ZawaliEmail author
  • Imen Boukhris
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 941)


With the increasing number of academic venues and scientific activities, it is generally difficult for researchers to choose the most appropriate conference or journal to submit their works. A recommender System (RS) may be used to suggest upcoming venues for scientists. Although standard recommender systems have shown their efficiency in supporting individual decisions, they are not appropriate for suggesting items when more than one person is involved in the recommendation process. Since a scientific paper is generally written by a group of researchers, we propose in this paper a new group recommender system that suggests for these researchers personalized conferences that fit their preferences and interests. The main idea is to recommend academic venues for a group of researchers based on the venues attended by not only their co-authors, i.e., the group members, but also on their co-citers. Our recommender system is also able to filter out irrelevant conferences that do not meet the requirements of those researchers, their preferences in terms of conferences location, publisher and ranking. Experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of our new group recommender system.


Collaborative filtering Group recommender system Venue preferences 


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