Sewage Sludge Removal Method Through Arm-Axis by Machine Robot

  • M. Gobinath
  • S. MalathiEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 940)


An Robots in traditional circumstances and through the Middle Ages were used basically for preoccupation. Regardless, the twentieth century incorporated an impact in the headway of present day robots. Through the straggling leftovers of the century, robots changed the structure of society and mulled over more secure conditions for work. Additionally, the execution of bleeding edge mechanical self-sufficiency in the military and NASA has changed the scene of national assurance and space examination. Robots have moreover been effective in the media and beneficial for toy producers. In later days itself, we are confronting numerous issues in regards to the Sewage Treatment Method and how it is cleaned. Because numerous poisonous conditions and rust materials in sewage are largely causing the human individual effectively. This drives people to cause numerous infections and influence them to endure lastly prompts passing also. So, this can be illuminated by acquainting the Machine Robot with make spotless and unadulterated the Sewage Treatment Method. By utilizing Machine Robot, numerous issues are altogether overcome by humans. In that Machine Robot, we are settling the Robot-Arm and through a few Axis they are utilized. Then it can be done with Stepper Motor to move with different angles from left to right and then from top to bottom and they are utilized. Then, with the help of LCD Module display it helps to view what the process is happening in the Sewage cleaning process. With the help of Lead Acid Battery, they can be charged after the completing the process.


Robotic Arm Arm axis Arduino UNO Gas monitoring Stepper Motor LCD 


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