Integrating PLM into Engineering Education

PLM Case Study
  • Robert Van TilEmail author
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This case study considers an approach to educating students in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, and Systems Engineering programs on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) concepts as well as on the use of industry relevant PLM tools. The case study follows how Oakland University’s Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Department has integrated PLM concepts and tools into its degree programs. The integration has occurred, and continues to occur, over 3 phases as outlined below.
  1. (1)

    Integration of PLM techniques and tools into existing courses.

  2. (2)

    Development of courses that teach PLM tools and their application.

  3. (3)

    Development of a PLM dual education program with industry.

Note that the beginning of the second phase is not contingent on the completion of the first phase, and likewise for the third phase with respect to the first and second phases. Each phase is an on-going effort, with later phases beginning after the previous phase has been initiated and is underway.


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