PLM Case Studies in Japan

Business Strategies and Key Initiatives
  • Satoshi GotoEmail author
  • Osamu Yoshie
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It has been a quarter of a century since PLM system implementations began in Japan. This case study introduces PLM business scenarios of three Japanese manufacturing firms. They come from three different kinds of business situations. In particular, they describe the mindset of several senior operating officers in terms of business strategies and PLM positioning. For example, a factory head decided to address PLM ahead of ERP; a head of R&D group defined a PLM system for product designers as a digital working space, and a CIO strongly encouraged his employees to use standard PLM functionality as much as possible, and not implement heavy customization. Observing such executives’ motivations on PLM promotion, the decision-making of management for PLM leadership is seen to be a critical success factor of PLM implementations.


PLM case study PLM leadership Decision making Business scenario Business strategy 


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