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Future Insight Prize—From Dream to Reality

  • Ulrich A. K. BetzEmail author


The Merck Future Insight Prize rolled-out at the occasion of Merck’s 350th anniversary is designed to stimulate innovative solutions to solve some of humanities biggest problems and to help realize the dreams of a better tomorrow. The Future Insight Prize puts the vision for ambitious dream products of global importance for humankind into the world and triggers curiosity and creativity worldwide on how to make this vision a reality with an annual research grant of up to 1mio€.



Special thanks go to Stefan Oschmann, the Merck board and the Merck ownership family that have made the budget available to make the Future Insight Prize a reality. I am also grateful to the team that worked with me on the implementation of the Future Insight Prize: Brendan Monks, Maike Kober, Melanie Eckardt, Peter Rupprecht, Seline Wagner, Sophia Münkel, Thomas Tresper and Timm Wutzler.

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