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Foresight Driven Policymaking: Society 5.0

  • Naohiro ShichijoEmail author
  • Shinichi Akaike


Starting in 1971, Science and Technology (S&T) Foresight reports started publishing in Japan, which quickly became important landmarks for S&T policy as well as a strategy guideline for Japanese companies. In 1988, the newly established National Institute for Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) was commissioned to prepare foresight activities. In an increasingly turbulent and uncertain environment, societal problems in Japan have increased its seriousness, while at the same time, high hopes are being put into innovation. Under this background, the 10th S&T Foresight (2013–15) was conducted, the results of this research were utilized to define the Japanese Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan (2016–20). Combining the result of different foresight methodologies, “Society 5.0” was formulated, as an inclusive, prosperous societal vision of Japan. The demand of the service sector according to aging population are being met with the help of ICT devices with a super smart network. Since in the near future, the demand for foresight is expected to be increased and international cooperation is requested.


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  1. 1.Tokyo University of TechnologyTokyoJapan
  2. 2.National Institute for Science and Technology PolicyTokyoJapan

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