Conclusion: Everyone Says ‘Goodbye’

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  • Sean Redmond


In this conclusion, we gather the threads of the book together to reflect upon the articulations of Bowie fandom and to summarise what it tells us about the present conditions of social life. We suggest that storying fandom leads us not to micro-conclusions about everyday life alone, but to the myriad of ways that individuals traverse the messy politics of the global world. We will conclude the book with fans’ stories and our own. Sean reflects on not finding Bowie’s Château du Signal (situated next to the Sauvabelin forest above Lausanne) and their processes of remembering associated with mediated nostalgia together with a weightier search for temporal mooring in this great city. Against the relentless melting of time, we called upon the fans to reflect on how they heard about David Bowie’s passing in 2016 and what his death might mean for them going forward.


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