Liberal Subjectivity, Religion, and the State

  • Roger K. Green


This chapter lays out the scope of the book by discussing connections between political unrest in the 1960s and 2019. It lays out a postsecular perspective and argues for an aesthetic approach to the material, connecting philosophical discourse between Europe and the United States and defines liberalism. Building a poetic and metonymic description of psychedelic aesthetics, it particularly addresses affective waves and notions of insurrection as espoused by groups such as The Invisible Committee in France. It argues for a broader framing of psychedelic aesthetics by discussing shifts in twentieth-century European thought regarding aesthetics and briefly contextualizes the domestication of rhetoric around psychedelics in recent years.


Psychedelic Aesthetics Political theology Insurrection Postsecular Affective waves Neoliberalism Liberal democracy Crisis Liberalism Martin Heidegger Critical Theory Religion Michel Foucault John Lennon Invisible Committee Simon Critchley 

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