Laparoscopic-Assisted Polypectomy

  • Erik R. Noren
  • Sang W. LeeEmail author


Adoption of colorectal cancer screening has increased the detection of endoscopically unresectable colon polyps that are subsequently referred for surgical management. Traditionally, the majority of these lesions are removed by segmental colectomy. While surgical resection effectively removes the polyp, there is well-documented associated perioperative and long-term morbidity. As the majority of these lesions are benign, minimally invasive techniques for combined endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery (CELS), including laparoscopic-assisted polypectomy, have been developed to facilitate removal of polyps not amenable to endoscopic resection alone without the need for colectomy.


Laparoscopic-assisted polypectomy CELS Combined endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery 


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