Ultrasound Diagnosis in Benign Thyroid Lesions



Thyroid nodules are detected in 4–15% of the population. The nodules are observed in more than 50% of patients with thyroid pathology; the incidence of nodules can reach 98.9% in endemic regions. Thyroid lesions include both colloid nodules and tumors. Obligatory US features of colloid nodule are well-defined margins and intact capsule. Long-lasting colloid nodules may contain coarse calcifications and shell-shaped or egg-shell peripheral impregnations. They show a peripheral pattern of blood flow in CDI. Qualitative and quantitative data of ultrasound elastography commonly reveal medium stiffness. Colloid nodules are often associated with iodine deficiency and account for 60–75% of all thyroid lesions. Thyroid cysts are thin-walled cavitary lesions filled with fluid (commonly, colloid). True cysts with flat epithelium lining make up <0.5% of all thyroid lesions. The predominant benign thyroid tumor is follicular adenoma. Adenomas occupy 16–25% of all thyroid lesions. They are typically represented by a solitary nodule. Thyroid adenomas tend to grow fast, so they are normally large (over 2–3 cm in size) by the time they are diagnosed. The majority of adenomas show a peripheral hypoechoic ring (halo) in grayscale sonography and a typical vascular pattern in CDI and PDI with perinodular and intranodular hypervascularization.


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