Ultrasound Image of the Normal Thyroid Gland



The thyroid gland is normally located in the midline of the neck about 1–3 cm above the breastbone and clavicle. It consists of right and left lobes and the isthmus. Traditionally accepted that the normal volume of the thyroid gland in adults is 7.7–25 cm3 in men and 4.4–18 cm3 in women. Sonographically, normal thyroid shows isoechoic homogeneous echostructure, accurate regular margins, and an echogenic capsule. Echodensity of the thyroid parenchyma is usually compared with the echodensity of the normal submandibular salivary gland and is isoechoic. It has higher echodensity than the neck muscles. The structure of the glandular tissue is homogeneous. Individual color spots in thyroid parenchyma are normally detected with CDI and PDI. They may be of various sizes and are usually rather symmetric with a relatively uniform distribution. The average color pixel density in a normal thyroid is 5–15%. Normal thyroid parenchyma exhibits uniform medium elasticity with compression ultrasound elastography. It is evenly colored with fine- and medium-grained texture, quite symmetrical in all aspects. Quantitatively assessed, it exhibits the average Young’s modulus and an average shear wave velocity of the Virtual Touch Tissue Quantification technology (ARFI).


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