Dispossession, Anger, and the Making of a Neoliberal Legitimacy Crisis

  • Sinan CeliksuEmail author


This study ethnographically engages in the issue of the emergence of the Italian political party “Northern League” and tentatively compares it to the rise of populist politics in the United States. It brings together etic, emic and sociological perspectives while striving to explain the issues of legitimacy, immigration, crime, and economy in relation to dispossession, anger, resentment, and a deficiency of prestige. I argue that the emergence and rise of the Northern League and its counterpart in the United States is a result of a legitimacy crisis of democracy due to a widespread belief that the state apparatus exploits the people through political corruption and unjust taxation, is incapable of regulating immigration and economy, and has surrendered sovereignty to global economy.


Northern League Legitimacy Dispossession Padania Crisis Hegemony Immigration Crime Racism Anti-populism 


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  1. 1.Max Planck Institute for Social AnthropologyHalleGermany

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