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The Five Pitfalls of Software Implementations

  • Andreas GraesserEmail author
Part of the Management for Professionals book series (MANAGPROF)


Graesser’s study on failures of software implementations (conducted in 2018) revealed five failure clusters, in the following, called the “Five Pitfalls of Software Implementations”. The list is topped by the “Underestimation of System Performance Issues” along the course of software implementation. Usually, system performance impacted the usability of software applications severely. The “Weak Program Governance and Leadership” comprises the second-ranked failure block. The major root cause was the absence of qualified leaders and experienced governance people sitting on the steering committee. The operational topics, such as “Operational Unreadiness”, the “Mismanagement of Missing Software Features”, and the large area of “Testing and Defect Resolution” conclude the list of the five pitfalls for software implementation. The results of these patterns include the absence of proactive system monitoring, poorly managed test execution, and defect resolution not handled efficiently.

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