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Digital Vision

  • Andreas GraesserEmail author
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Possessing a “Digital Vision” is essential for business leaders across all industries. I’m not aware of industry segments that are agnostic of digital. Many companies still work on the realization of their “MobileFirst” strategy, while this should have been realized already many years ago. Today, Artificial Intelligence requires all of our attention. And, the game is on: dominate––or being dominated. Getting into the driver seat, employing your own Digital Vision is a key success factor. Its realization requires innovative approaches. Design Thinking is the creative methodology to unleash innovation. It is able to answer the question of how to use AI platforms and existing capabilities to transform business processes toward digital. The knowledge of the technology foundation and the creativity to apply its capabilities gets the business and IT leaders to the position of dominating Information Technology. It’s the magic triangle: vision––innovation––knowledge.

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