Future Directions for Patient Knowledge: A Citizen-Patient Reflection

  • Carolyn CanfieldEmail author
Part of the Organizational Behaviour in Healthcare book series (OBHC)


Previous chapters have offered rich and diverse examples of embedding patient knowledge into the content and conduct of every sector of healthcare around the world. Patients and caregivers are influencing every component of healthcare in unique ways that reflect local culture and system readiness. Here we take a brief look ahead at the transformative power of inviting patients and caregivers into partnership for better care. Processes already underway may well shift the job of healthcare systems from an industrial model for delivering standardized disease-focussed treatment, to care partnerships that cultivate individually-defined goals for healthy living. Such a future promises healthier working environments for practitioners, as well as stronger communities for all.


Patient knowledge Patient needs Disruptive technology Management fads Open data access Research discoveries Escalating costs Emerging informatics Demographic forecasts Regulatory demands Novel compensation schemes Guidelines revisions Workforce instability Performance penalties New drugs Public reporting Recruiting incentives Accreditation criteria Political opportunism Patient leadership 

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