Information Technology, Smart Devices and Augmented Reality Applications for Cultural Heritage Enhancement: The Kalamata 1821 Project

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The purpose of this paper is to present the development of a modern web multimedia application named “Kalamata Action Map”. The application provides a map based environment for users to exploit the Messenian landscape of the early 19th century thus enhancing our understanding on temporal and spatial interactions of that Era and towards the present. Designed for educational and touristic purposes, using historic material as a starting point “Kalamata Action Map” takes advantage of the intriguing urban surroundings, avoiding the limitations imposed by a closed museum environment. The application will be developed for use over the internet with open access. Data and images of landscape and architectural features, artifacts, everyday life etc. associated with historical information in reference to the War for Greek Independence and the establishment of the Modern Greek State will be integrated in a friendly and enticing way offering a unique user experience.

The application provides interactive maps of the city of Kalamata, serving as an exciting and modern depiction of the historic events that led to the beginning of the War for Greek Independence in 1821. Moreover, and additionally to the various historic, folklore and architectural elements, the application will also include digital representations of artworks and everyday objects and suggested routes for nearby destinations in the Prefecture of Messenia, therefore creating a digital network of interconnecting locations of historic interest, improving their commercial and touristic connections. The use of the application has the potential to serve as a significant reference point both for residents and visitors.


GIS Kalamata Cultural heritage management Digital applications 


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  1. 1.Laboratory of ArchaeometryUniversity of the PeloponneseKalamataGreece

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