Lasers in Periodontal Surgery



Since their introduction in periodontology in the 1980s, lasers have been recognized for having a number of advantages over conventional surgical methods, including control of bleeding, reduced need for sutures, and decreased postoperative edema and discomfort. Adherence to proper operational parameters and clinical technique help ensure optimal clinical results in such procedures as gingivectomy, frenectomy, biopsy, fibroma removal, and second-stage recovery of implants. Various laser types and treatment protocols have provided minimally invasive approaches to treating periodontal disease, including bacterial reduction, sulcular debridement, removal of calculus, and de-epithelialization. One particular well-defined treatment protocol, the digitally pulsed Nd:YAG laser-based LANAP procedure, has been shown through human histological investigations to achieve true regeneration of the attachment apparatus on a previously diseased root surface. Lasers also have applications in the treatment of periimplantitis such as decontamination of implant surfaces and degranulation of infected sites. The digitally pulsed Nd:YAG laser-based LAPIP protocol has demonstrated control of infection, reversal of bone loss, and rescue of affected implants, in a minimally invasive manner. Whether as stand-alone or adjunctive instruments, lasers have become essential and patient-preferred tools for many general practitioners and specialists alike.


Periodontitis Periimplantitis Tissue regeneration LANAP Ablation Hemostasis Coagulation Photobiomodulation 


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