Mucogingival and Periodontal Plastic Surgery: Lateral Sliding Flaps



Root exposure as a result of gingival recession is known to affect more than half of the adult population over 30 years of age. Gingival recession may be associated with tooth sensitivity and unacceptable esthetics as well as a higher risk of root caries. While many treatment options exist, one classic treatment is the use of a laterally sliding or laterally positioned flap. In this procedure, healthy tissue from an edentulous area or tooth is repositioned laterally to cover the denuded root surface of an adjacent tooth. While less common than the coronally advanced or coronally positioned flap, the lateral sliding flap is ideal for correcting narrow gingival recession defects on a single tooth (sometimes two teeth). In order to maximize predictability and success of the laterally positioned flap, modifications have been made to the technique over the years. The addition of autogenous grafts, such as the subepithelial connective tissue graft, has improved clinical outcomes. More recently, the addition of blood-derived growth factors, such as platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), has been explored for their potential role in periodontal plastic surgery.


Lateral sliding flap Periodontal plastic surgery Root coverage Gingival recession Soft-tissue grafting 


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