The aim of this paper is to discuss the act of rethinking the theatrical play within an exhibition context. The framework of reference is that of the technologically-mediated scene, which places at its core the interaction between body, space and technology and which requires new methods for its analysis and development. This paper will analyse two case studies: the Digitalife 2017 exhibition in Rome, Italy and Dumb Type. Extra-Sensory Odissey, at the Centre Pompidou – Metz, France. These two examples represent potential strategies to exhibit and re-organise the technologically-mediated performance without one of the key elements of live performance: the presence of both audience and actors. We witness a change in the framework, moving from the idea of exhibition to that of environment (seen as an immersive space, built to reinforce the audience’s experience of perception). In the last part, I offer three coexisting dimensions to think about such environments in theatre: active design, expositional and educational dimensions.


Dumb type Exhibition Immersive environment Education through digital media 


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  1. 1.School of Doctorate Studies in Architecture, City and Design, Track in Design ScienceUniversità Iuav di VeneziaVeniceItaly

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